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Dating or relationship, which should you choose?

For a long time you are in love with a specific woman and want nothing more than doing all the activities one does when being in a relationship. But is that really any good?

Most men, who want to learn to be successful with women, always have a woman in mind, who they want to turn into their girlfriend. The problem is that they fix their sights too early on what they want, without really knowing whether it is the right option for them. What most guys want is to completely skip the dating and jump straight into a relationship. But it is precisely this attitude that often makes it impossible for them to achieve what they want.

Many men are either permanent singles, who want nothing more than to have a partner or they are in love with a certain woman and just want to put a ring on her finger. The problem is that they usually communicate exactly this, and push the woman into a corner. Women are quickly done with guys who want too much too soon, just like the idea? what is too close to me and has robbed me of my freedom, I have to get rid of.? The solution? Dating.

Dating is not just a phase under which you can have several sexual partners or extramarital affairs in order to enjoy the advantages of being a single or taking a closer look at several partners to see if one of them might actually be the right choice, but it is also a necessary preliminary phase of any relationship.

Pressure is misplaced in dating.

It is meant to get to know the other one completely without obligations and to see where this is going. Either you just have good sex or it can develop into something more. Wanting too much too soon destroys the pressure-free getting to know each other and the development of real feelings, and scares most women away.

So it is better to learn how to make it by dating one (or possibly several women) and then when you realise she might be more than just a date, to learn how to get her into a relationship

If you want to learn more about dating, the science of love, relationshops and in general about women..

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